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Britain’s Got Talent: Alesha Dixon stunned by rap group The Mend

Britains Got Talent: Alesha Dixon stunned by rap group The Mend

Britain’s Got Talent has changed the lives of many of its previous winners and runners up, and hoping that they could be the next lucky act to get that chance were rap group The Mend.

The Mend, who are Jay, Dean, Craig and Chris, troubled lads have found that music is the best medicine and revealed to the judges: “We’ve done stuff we regret in the past but that’s not what we’re about, obviously the past is in the past.”

Jay added: “We’ve all got problems at home but we’ll keep doing music until we can sort them problems out and that’s what we’re going to strive to achieve basically, we’re going to keep doing it until we’ve made it.”

After their energetic performance that had the audience and judges on their feet, former Mystique member Alesha Dixon told the boys: “That was a fantastic audition guys. The chemistry was fantastic, I loved the harmonies, the rapping was wicked and I have a feeling there’s a lot more that you can give.”

New mum Amanda Holden was also impressed saying: “I completely loved you, I loved that song choice, I did not expect that at all and I loved the new spin on it.”

Usually the toughest critic, Simon Cowell even praised them saying: “You in the red, you’ve got a great voice. Great recording voice, you’ve got great chemistry, I’m really happy that you came and auditioned, I like you a lot.”

Meanwhile, ever the comedian, David Walliams joked: “I think there’s a problem. If you don’t take your coat off you’re not going to feel the benefit when you go outside.”

But coats or no, it was hats off to the four talented hopefuls and with four yeses it looks like things can only get better for The Mend

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